Common Questions

1. What would happen if I were to use the 500-800 calorie diet without the help of HCG? If you were to attempt to follow the 500-800 calorie diet without HCG you would find yourself extremely hungry within 2-3 days. Even those who have been on HCG and suddenly stop find that within 3 days they feel hungry and exhausted. This is because without HCG your body can not efficiently transform your stored fat into energy and you therefore cannot maintain normal energy levels. Also, without HCG you are more likely to lose muscle tissue and structural fat rather than simply abnormal fat as there is nothing encouraging your body to target that type of tissue. Actually, on a 500-800 calorie diet your body would normally attempt to store as much fat as possible while burning muscle as it would believe that you are starving and therefore will have need of fat stores in the future. If someone were to complete the 500-800 calorie diet without HCG they are likely to appear very thin in their face and gain weight back quickly as their body has not been properly prepared.

2. Will I feel hungry on this diet? HCG reduces your appetite because it converts your abnormal fat storage into energy. You will use your body stores of fat for the energy you use on a daily basis. For the most part you will not feel anything more than mild hunger, and often will actually feel full even on the 500-800 calorie diet. During the first few days of the diet it is common to feel a bit of hunger, but this should pass by the second week as the HCG begins to work more within your system. Drinking a lot of fluids throughout the day should help feelings of emptiness that some people describe even when they are not hungry. Most people experience little to no hunger throughout the bulk of the program and remaining energized each day.
3. Are headaches normal? It is perfectly normal to be having headaches during the first week of the program as your body adjusts to the diet. This should pass as you get further into the program, but if it persists or gets worse you should contact our office.

4. If I remain within 500-800 calories, can I eat different foods than suggested? The short answer is no. Any change in the diet could affect your weight loss in unforeseen ways as every different food has a different composition, no matter how close it may seem. We go over your diet in detail as part of your initial evaluation and on follow up visits.

What if I have abnormal symptoms related to my treatment? Make sure if you have any abnormal symptoms related to your weight loss treatment to contact our office immediately.